Lynda Bennett

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A Peak Experience since 1986
Peak Experiences are especially joyous and exciting moments in life, involving sudden feelings of intense happiness and well-being, wonder and awe… all individuals are capable of peak experiences. A Peak Experience … affirms the meaning and value of existence; it gives a sense of purpose to the individual … evidently changing them for the better. (Wikipedia)

A Sense of Adventure

Since childhood Lynda Bennett has been inspired to experience new things. She spent her summers in Macon, Georgia looking for a place to cool down and often found herself at Jackson Lake were she first water skied at the age of 3 years old.

After high school graduation in Atlantic Beach, FL, Lynda headed west on a train to work at a ranch in Wyoming for the summer, discovering her life long love of ‘the mountains’. Climbing to the peak of Mount Teton and learning to bake bread on the wood cook stove for a bunch of hungry ranch hands, taught her not to fear experiences outside her comfort zone. She could handle it.

She obtained a B.S. degree in Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management from the University of New Hampshire. Meanwhile, she wore holes in her hiking boots exploring New England.


After graduation many people go searching for a job. Lynda went looking for adventure. Three girl friends headed west with a small pup tent and a jar of peanut butter to discover many of the nation’s natural wonders. One look at snow capped Mount Rainer backed by brilliant blue skies – and they headed over the mountain to Yakima.

Pleasant Hill Orchard offered a unique opportunity for practical application of her ‘book learning’. Not only to manage the growing and harvesting of the fruit, but in developing a ‘market plan’ for unheard of varieties of apples we now know as ‘heirlooms’.

Lynda created a marketing network throughout the health food community of Seattle, Washington to sell these flavorful specialty apples; her first niche marketing experience. An entrepreneur was born.

A Natural Choice

Far from home, family kept calling her back. The Great Smoky Mountains offered an opportunity for a ‘peak experience’ closer to home. The Mother Earth News Eco-Village near Hendersonville, NC was looking for someone to teach classes to visitors about Natural Foods and a healthy lifestyle.

Her public speaking skills, love of working with people, and ability to communicate complex ideas blossomed in this environment. She enjoyed the diversity of the position; until the magazine relocated to New York.

Reach New Heights

In 1986, she changed careers, and found her calling in real estate. This realtor has rarely met a stranger, has an optimistic outlook, and is determined to be the very best at anything she tackles.

Mountain Heritage

After eight years in the business, she met and married the owner of Realty World – Heritage Realty in Maggie Valley. Flourishing in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, she has been raising a family, doing land development, and helping to grow the real estate and vacation rental businesses that her husband, Pat Bennett, owned until it was sold in 2007.

Peak Expectations

Recognized as one of the top professionals in the real estate industry year after year; Lynda has developed a marketing plan that works. The most important factor is keeping clients informed – every step of the way. Too many agents give up before the job is done.

‘Work the Plan’ is her motto for exceeding expectations and selling property. Which do you trust, ‘good luck’ or ‘good planning’? It was her luck to begin this career when interest rates were falling to 11.5%. She learned to negotiate difficult markets. Investing personally in real estate and rentals, she understands the investors view point.

The High Country of the Great Smoky Mountains

It has been a pleasure to live and work where many come to vacation … surrounded by nineteen of the highest peaks in the east. Resort marketing has its’ own set of challenges. This business woman has successful techniques to keep the out-of-town transaction on tract.

A Peak Experience

A move to the mountains can be a life changing adventure … a peak experience. Check out the website and give Lynda a call. She will exceed your peak expectations.

‘Helping others fulfill their dreams or goals …
is the surest way to my own happiness and success.’ Lynda Bennett